Use A Harley Davidson’S Belt Tensioner

Many Harley-Davidson motorcycles use a Kevlar final drive belt instead of a final drive chain. Harley motorcycles have two belt tension adjustor bolts, one on each side of the frame, positioned just in front of the axle nuts. When the belt stretches on your Harley-Davidson, you must adjust the tension using those two screws.


1. Place the rear of the motorcycle off the ground with a jack stand or a motorcycle lift with a rear tire cut-away.

2. Loosen both axle nuts located on each side of the motorcycle where the rear wheel attaches to the frame. Do not remove the axle nuts, just loosen them.

3. Locate the belt tension adjustment bolts. On the right side of the Harley, the bolt is located to the right of the axle nut. On the left side of the Harley, the bolt is located to the left of the axle nut.

4. Turn each bolt one equal rotation clockwise to push the rear tire backwards using a wrench. This will tighten the belt. Check the belt tension. Continue this step until the belt reaches the desired tension. Make sure you turn the adjustment bolt on each side equal turns to ensure the wheel stays aligned.

5. Tighten each axle nut using a wrench to secure the rear wheel in place.