Use A Jawbone Bluetooth With A Motorola Razr

The Jawbone Bluetooth headset features a unique Noise Shield button, designed to cancel out background noise when using your headset. Designed to look sleek, the “Noise Shield” and “Talk” buttons are hidden beneath the headset’s cover. Setting up the Jawbone to with your Motorola Razr phone involves pairing, a one-time procedure. Connect your Jawbone to the supplied charger and allow it to charge fully. A complete charge takes about two hours; the indicator light will change from red to white when the battery is full.



1. Disconnect your Jawbone headset from the charging source. With the headset turned off, press and hold the “Noise Shield” button for approximately three seconds. Release the button when the indicator light flashes red and white–the headset is in pairing mode.

2. Flip the Razr open and press the left soft key to open the menu. Highlight and select “Settings,” then “Set Connectivity.” Choose “Bluetooth,” then “My Devices.” Press the left soft key. The Razr will attempt to locate the Jawbone.

3. Highlight “Jawbone” from the list of discovered devices that appears and press the left soft key. Type in “0000” when prompted for the PIN and press “OK.” A “Connected” confirmation will be displayed.

Using the Headset

4. Loop the ear hook over your ear, with the microphone pointed towards your mouth. The earbud should be just inside your ear.

5. Press the “Talk” button once to answer an incoming call. To place a call, use your Razr to dial the number and press the “Send” key. The call audio will automatically route to your Jawbone.

6. Tap the “Noise Shield” button to increase the call volume. Each tap turns the volume up one level–after six taps, the maximum level is reached and the headset returns to the lowest volume level. (The Jawbone should adjust the volume automatically according to your surroundings.)

7. Tap the “Talk” button once to end a call. To disconnect the headset from your Razr and turn it off, press the “Talk” button for about three seconds. The indicator light will flash, then go dark.