Use A Monitor With A Macbook

Connecting a monitor to your MacBook gives you more screen space to work on. A function called mirroring lets you use a common mouse and keyboard for both screens. Here is how you do it.


Connecting the Monitor

1. Select a VGA-equipped monitor to connect to your MacBook. It is recommended that you use a monitor of the same brand as your laptop (Apple).

2. Connect the monitor to your MacBook with a mini DVI (Digital Visual Interface) or mini DVI-VGA (Video Graphic Array) adapter.

3. Press F7 or Function+F7 on your MacBook. This turns on the mirroring mode.

4. Adjust the resolution on the monitor through the System Preferences or the Display status in the menu bar.

5. Put the MacBook in sleep mode to get full resolution on the attached monitor.

6. Keep the lid of the laptop open to access the keypad and track pad.

7. To boot the computer using the external monitor, open the laptop, switch the power on and close the laptop at once.

Using Both Screens Simultaneously

8. Use both screens simultaneously for different functions. For example, work on files on the larger monitor and at the same time access e-mails on the laptop.

9. Move the mouse to the end of the laptop screen, and it will appear on the attached monitor.

10. Drag and save a file on the monitor. Drag the file over the menu bar and keep dragging until it enters the monitor. Alternatively, drag the files from the corner of the screen.