Use A Powerball On Motorcycle Wheels

A PowerBall is useful on any motorcycle wheel.

A PowerBall is an automotive detailing accessory marketed by a company named Mother’s Car Care Products. The PowerBall is a foam ball attached to a metal rod that chucks into an electric drill. It might work best on cast or billet wheels because of their large flat surfaces, but it can be used to polish wire wheels as well. Wire wheels have both aluminum or hard-chromed spokes and chromed rims. The technique for using a PowerBall on them is not self-evident.


1. Wash and dry the wheel you intend to polish in bright sunlight.

2. Insert the PowerBall rod into an electric drill chuck. Tighten the chuck by hand or with a drill chuck depending on the drill you are using.

3. Apply a small amount of metal polish to a rag. Wipe the metal polish on the wheel’s surface or spokes. Wait for the polish to dry.

4. Activate the drill on low speed and gently buff all surfaces coated with dried metal polish using an up and down motion.

5. Repeat as needed.