Use A Trimble Tsc2 With A Lasercraft Contour Xlr

Construction and surveying professionals need precise instruments for measuring and recording distances, especially for structural dimensions. However, some distances may be too dangerous or impractical to reach, such as the top of an electrical pole. The Lasercraft Contour XLR instrument, shaped similar to a hand gun, emits a laser beam when a trigger is depressed. The laser beam bounces off an object and produces a distance value on the instrument’s display. You can connect a Trimble TSC2 data controller to the Lasercraft Contour XLR, so that the distance values are stored within the TSC2 for future analysis.


1. Attach a RS232 serial cable to the Contour XLR’s serial connector. The serial connection is a 9-pin configuration, typically on the side of the instrument. There may be a protective cover across the connector. If so, remove the cover.

2. Connect the other RS232 serial cable end to the TSC2. The TSC2 has multiple ports on its bottom end. Locate the 9-pin RS232 connector, and plug the cable securely into the TSC2’s port.

3. Press the “Menu” key on the Contour XLR. Set the baud rate to match the TSC2’s baud rate. The typical baud rate value is 19200. However, consult the TSC2 owner’s manual for any current software or hardware changes that affect the baud rate setting.

4. Turn on the TSC2. Allow the device to warm up and boot to its main display.

5. Point the Contour XLR at an object, and press the trigger. Verify that the distance value displays on the Contour’s front panel as it should.

6. Confirm that the distance value also appears on the TSC2. The TSC2 should prompt the user to save or delete the new value.

7. Continue to shoot and save distance values, as needed.