Use A Zoom Hd16

The Zoom HD16 can be used to record your band on the fly.

The Zoom HD16 is a compact multitrack recorder developed by Samson Tech. It features eight XLR and line inputs, eight tracks of simultaneous recording, 16 tracks of simultaneous playback and comes with hundreds of preset rhythm, drum and bass samples. The Zoom HD16 is especially useful for those that wish to set up recordings on the fly and need to be able to carry their recording device around with them, such as in a band or live music setting.


1. Switch on the Zoom HD16 by pressing the “Power” button located on the back right of the recorder. Select the “New Project” key in the “Control” section. Press the “Enter” key.

2. Connect up to eight line (quarter-inch cable) OR XLR inputs into the Hi-Z inputs located at the top of the recorder. You can record up to eight tracks at a time. Press the “On/Off” Key located underneath the Hi-Z inputs for each input that is in use. When the Input is switched to “On,” it lights up.

3. Monitor your recording by plugging headphones into the “Phones 1” or “Phones 2” input. Two headphones can be used for simultaneous monitoring of your audio. To adjust the level of each input, use the “Gain” knob located under the “On/Off” switch of each input. Carefully adjust each input to a desired level.

4. Turn on record standby mode for each input in use by pressing the “Play/Mute/Rec” button repeatedly until it lights red. This must be done for each track you are planning to record. The project does not start to record, but the “Level Meter” above each input fade indicates audio levels. To adjust the recording level, use the fader below each input.

5. Select the “Play” and “Record” button at the same time to begin recording. To stop a recording, press the “Stop” button. To hear playback of this recording, press the “Zero” button and then “Play.”