Use An Hd Tuner

An HD Tuner is a small electronic device present in most newer models of television sets. It is what allows your television to receive high definition signals. Over-the-air high definition television signals are broadcast at different frequencies depending on the station. Using an HD Tuner is easy.


1. Use an HD antenna to allow your television to receive broadcasts. An HD antenna can be purchased at a variety of electronics retailers like Radio Shack or Best Buy. These devices screw directly onto the HD Tuner of your television via the jack on the back of your TV labeled “COAX IN.” Once screwed in, the antenna will receive HD signals being broadcast by local television stations and pass them along to your TV’s HD Tuner.

2. Use the “Channel” buttons on your television‘s remote control to set your HD Tuner to receive broadcasts from many different frequencies.

3. Use the “Volume” buttons on your remote control to increase and lower the volume from the high definition broadcasts your HD tuner is displaying.

4. Press the “Menu” button on your television’s remote control to open the “Settings” menu. This will allow you to adjust a variety of picture controls like “Brightness” and “Sharpness” that will change the way your HD Tuner displays the broadcasts being received.