Use Direct Tv Hd Plus Receiver

Learning operate your TV receiver is easy.

The DIRECTV Plus HD DVR Receiver will change the future of your home entertainment experience. This cutting-edge product will allow you to record up to 200 hours of your favorite TV shows. It allows you to pause anything you’re watching while you take a break and then resume your program when you are ready.


Using the Remote Control

1. Slide the tab at the top of the remote until it is under the DIRECTV logo. Program the remote to turn on both the receiver and your television at the same time. Press “Power On.”

2. Locate the directional buttons in the middle of your remote. Press the directional button pointing upward to manage “QuickTune” channels. With “QuickTune,” you can save your top nine favorite DIRECTV channels and access them quickly. Press the directional button pointing left to get to the guide channel. Press the directional button pointing down to access “DoublePlay.” With this feature, you can toggle between two television programs at the same time. You also have the option to record both channels. The left directional button can be used only if you have a network connection. If a network connection is established, you can record your favorite TV shows when you’re away from home.

Find the “Vol” button. Here you can increase or decrease the volume of your television. The “Mute” button is found underneath the volume. The “Chan/Page” button allows you to change channels or go up or down a page on the guide channel. Press the “Prev” button to be directed to the channel that you were formerly watching.

3. Find the numerical buttons at the bottom of your remote. Enter a channel that you know exists. Press “Enter” after inputting the channel. You will be directed to the specific channel you entered.

4. Find the colored buttons in the middle of your remote. Press the “Yellow” button to view previous channels, change your favorites list or use subtitling or closed captioning. Press the “Blue” button to view a quick guide menu. It shows what program you are watching and gives an option to view the programs that are available to watch 12 hours later.

5. Press the “Active” button to be brought to an interactive screen for functions such as viewing local weather or playing games. Press the “Exit” button located in the middle of the remote control to leave any menu. The “Back” button, located just above the “Red” button, takes you to the previous menu screen you were looking at. Press the “Menu” button to view your recorded shows, search for upcoming programs, manage your recordings and even set up Caller ID. The “Info” button gives you information on any program, live or recorded.

Record Live Television

6. Find the buttons surrounding “Play” which allow you to record or pause live television with your DIRECTV Plus HD Receiver, or rewind or fast forward through programs that you are currently watching. Press the “Replay” button to go back 8 seconds. Press the “Advance” button to skip forward up to 30 seconds at a time.

7. Press “Guide” to search for a desired program to record. Use “Smart Search,” located in the “Menu,” to browse for TV shows. If you do not know the name of your show, “Smart Search” allows you search by a keyword or by actor.

8. Press the “Rec” button to record any TV program. Press the “Rec” button one time to record the TV show once. A red light on your receiver will indicate that your program is recording. Press “Stop” to end a recording at any time.

9. Press “List” to view all recorded programs. Press the “Select” button or the “Play” button to watch your TV show. While you are in the “List” menu, press the “Yellow” button for other playlist options. Press the “Blue” button to “Keep” certain programs. Any program marked “Keep” will not be deleted when disk space is running low. To delete any program, press the “Red” button or press the “Dash” button twice.

10. Press the “Rec” button twice to record all upcoming episodes of any program. If you are taping a live event, such as an award ceremony or football game, you may want to extend the run time to make sure that you record all of the event. To do this, press the “Info” button. When the menu pops up, press the “Recording” option to extend the program run time.