Use Ghost Imaging Software

Ghost Imaging Software creates a usable backup of your computer’s programs and files in the event of crash or major computer virus infection. Ghost Imaging Software is also used to create repeatable, reusable software bundles that can be deployed across an enterprise’s network to users’ computers. Most people use Ghost Imaging Software to create backups of their computer’s files and programs.


1. Purchase and install Ghost Imaging Software. Norton Ghost is used for this example, but the steps will be similar for other Ghost Imaging Software.

2. Start the Ghost Imaging program and select the “Ghost Advanced” from the Norton Ghost side menu. Choose the “Clone” option and select the “Next” button.

3. Choose the source drive that you desire to “ghost” or copy on the left side of the Norton Ghost menu. For many home computers, this will be your C drive. You can select multiple drives if your computer has multiple partitions (i.e., a C and a D drive).

4. Choose the drive to copy the ghost image to on the right side of the menu. This can be another hard drive or writable disc such as a DVD-R/RW. Click the “Next” button and then the “Run Now” menu choice. After the ghost image is created, your computer will reboot normally and the imaging will be complete.