Use Harley Metal Polish

Harley Bright metal polish isn’t just for your Harley Davidson.

Harley Bright metal polish is used to polish the metal parts, including the headlights, badges and handle bars of motorcycles. Applying the compound correctly will add a shine to these pieces and make the bike look almost brand new. The polish will not only provide a luster to the bike; it will also help repel dust, dirt and bugs.


1. Wipe off any metal, such as chrome or aluminum, pieces you wish to polish, with a soft cloth. A small amount of soapy water can be used to clean the bike, if there is any dirt or mud.

2. Park the bike in a shady area. A cool day that has low humidity is ideal.

3. Apply a small amount of the polishing compound with a soft cloth. Work the compound into the metal parts using overlapping circular motions.

4. Wipe away the polish with a second soft cloth, once the area is completely covered and cleaned. Make sure to remove all of the polish, as any left behind can lead to streaking.

5. Cover the area with sealant, such as Harley Glaze Sealant. Wipe the sealant onto the freshly polished metal with a soft cloth.

6. Allow the bike to remain in the shady area for three to four hours after polishing.