Use Harleydavidson Brake Pads

Use Harley-Davidson Brake Pads

You can perform many needed maintenance tasks on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle with a bit of know-how and a good do-it-yourself attitude. Keeping fresh oil, serviceable tires and good brakes can help keep you safe, prevent accidents and need not break the bank in cost. Obtaining the correct tools, preparing for the job and having a good working knowledge of the components on your bike will go a long way to ensure the success of your project. Brake kits available from your local Harley dealer typically contain everything you need to replace your brake pads except tools.


Remove Old Brake Pads

1. Unscrew the upper and lower bolts mounting the brake caliper to the hydraulic forks.

2. Take out the retainer screw from the inner pad and its retainer. Push the outer pad free from its mounting plate and spring clip. Discard old pads.

3. Clean all metal and rubber parts using denatured alcohol. Alternatively, brake fluid may be used in cleaning rubber parts only.

Install New Brake Pads

4. Insert the spring clip onto the top of the mounting plate. Place the outer brake pad into the mounting plate and push down so that it is held in place by the spring clip.

5. Install the mounting plate with the new brake pad into place on the caliper.

6. Place the new inner brake pad into the recessed area of the caliper and attach it in place using the pad retainer and screw.

7. Coat the lower mounting pin with Dow Corning MOLY 44 grease. Thread and tighten the bolt using torque specifications supplied in the brake kit. Install and torque the upper mounting bolt.