Use Makeup Forever Hd Foundation 128

Make Up For Ever HD foundation comes in 25 popular shades.

Make Up For Ever High Definition liquid foundation was developed to provide the appearance of naturally flawless skin in the highly detailed images produced by modern film and photographic equipment. You can achieve this effect yourself by combining effective application techniques with accurate shade selection. The online shade finder provided by Sephora, a retailer of this product, indicates that shade 128 — an almond shade — is “for medium skin with beige undertones”. There is no one right-way to apply foundation, but learning a few techniques and experimenting with products can help you to find the method best for you. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Select a moisturizer appropriate for your skin type. Apply it to your face and neck after cleansing your skin.

2. Choose a primer suited to your skin type, if you want to use one. Dot a small amount on your forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin and rub it into your skin with your fingers, until it is all absorbed. This will provide a smooth base for your foundation.

3. Dab concealer onto any blemishes or imperfections and over the dark circles under your eyes, if you have any. Carefully blend this into your skin using a makeup sponge. Avoid rubbing the concealer in, just blend the edges and dab away any excess.

4. Squirt a couple of pumps of your Make Up For Ever HD Foundation onto the back of your hand. Use either a dampened makeup sponge, or a foundation brush to apply. Dip the end of the brush or the sponge into the foundation on your hand and stroke an even cover of foundation over your whole face. Blend-in with the brush or sponge, using a circular motion. Pay particular attention to the jaw and hairline to ensure there is no line where your foundation stops.

5. Set your foundation with loose or pressed face powder. Press the powder into your skin with cotton wool or a powder puff and brush away any excess with a large, clean brush.