Use Nada Blue Book Used Car Appraisal Guide

Use the NADA car appraisal guide before making a deal with the auto dealership.

The National Automotive Dealers Association’s blue book is a common appraisal guide used by car dealerships. If consumers plan to trade in their old vehicle, the NADA appraisal guide is a good source for determining what value the dealer should use for the trade in. The NADA appraisal guide is also a good source for determining the dealer’s retail selling price for used vehicles. Using the NADA blue book, before trading in an old vehicle or before purchasing a used car from the dealership, can help to ensure a fair deal.


1. Go to the NADA Guides website at From the homepage, click “Start Here” next to “Get New and Used Car Pricing.”

2. Enter a ZIP code where the vehicle is located and then click “Continue.” Click on the vehicle model from the provided list.

3. Click on the vehicle model year.

4. Click on the vehicle model type from the provided list.

5. Select a vehicle trim from the provided list.

6. Enter the vehicle mileage and check optional equipment and then click “Continue.”

7. Choose the appropriate price under the heading of “Trade-in” or “Retail.”