Use The 1100rt Center Stand Lift Handle

The BMW 1100RT comes standard with a rather inappropriately named “lift handle” to aid in putting the bike up on its center stand. Using the handle can prove difficult for most new riders because the name is so misleading. Most often when putting a bike on its center stand, you are not lifting, but rather you are pulling backward on this handle to boost your leverage. Learn use the lift handle on your 1100RT to get the bike onto its center stand easily and effectively.


1. Put the 1100RT in neutral by pulling in the clutch lever, shifting down to first gear, then pushing up on the shift lever slightly.

2. Stand on the left side of the bike with your left hand on the handlebar grip and your right hand on the lift handle. Push the center stand lever until the center stand touches the ground.

3. Move the 1100RT side to side carefully to make sure that both feet of the center stand are in contact with the ground.

4. Remove your left foot from the ground, putting all of your weight on the center stand lever, and pull backward on the handlebars and lift handle, all in one motion. When done correctly, the bike will roll back onto the center stand with a minimum of effort, and with no lifting involved.