Use The Honda Rebel Helmet Lock

Use the Honda Rebel Helmet Lock

Honda’s entry-level motorcycle, the Rebel 250, provides a solid platform for new riders to hone their riding skills. Practical, inexpensive and easy to operate, the 250cc Rebel also provides security for your helmet when you are away from the motorcycle. Integrated into the frame, just to the left of the rear fender, the helmet lock is simple to use and can provide an added level of comfort in knowing that your helmet will be safe from would-be thieves.


1. Park your motorcycle and turn the ignition to the “OFF” position. Remove the key from the ignition switch.

2. Locate the helmet lock on the left side of the rear fender. Insert the key into the helmet lock and turn it clockwise to unlock the mechanism.

3. Loop the helmet’s chin strap together, passing through both D-rings then looping over the first D-ring. Tighten the chin strap and hook the helmet’s chin strap over the locking bar on the helmet lock assembly.

4. Hold the helmet steady, then turn the key counter-clockwise to lock the mechanism. Test that the mechanism has locked by pulling gently on the helmet. If it is locked in place, the helmet will not come away from the bike.

5. Rest the helmet against the rear fender and remove the key from the helmet lock.