Use The Iphone To Control Your Tv

Use the iPhone to Control Your TV

There are several application (apps) available in the App Store that allow you to control your television using your iPhone, which acts as a remote control. Depending on the type of television you own, the price of the app can range from free to $149.99. As with any high-priced application, be sure to look over the application’s support site to determine if your television is compatible with the app before purchasing.


1. Download Apple Remote. This application is designed to control your Apple TV, which stores videos, music and other media files onto the device. The application is free to use and only requires a Wi-Fi connection to work properly.

2. Download Bobby Universal Remote. The Bobby Universal Remote can control your TV as well as DVD players, audio systems, and DVR players. The application includes a TV guide that displays a thorough list of upcoming shows that can be added to your “Favorites” list. The remote control’s buttons can be arranged anywhere on the screen or removed and replaced with different function keys. In order to use this application you must purchase the Global Cache GC-100 Network Adapter, which uses your Wi-Fi signal to connect the iPhone app to your electronic devices.

3. Download iMasterControl Pro. This application acts as a universal remote for all of your electronic equipment, and organizes your television channels by network in order to better organize your searches. Whereas the “Pro” version runs for $149.99, the Lite version costs $10.99 and is a stripped-down application that limits customization of the remote. In order to successfully connect this application to your electronic devices you must have an infrared base station, also known as a controller.