Use Tivo With Fios

Use TiVo With FiOS

Company-provided set-top digital video recorder (DVR) boxes often leave a lot to be desired as far as functionality and expandability. Verizon FiOS consumers, however, can choose between the Motorola-branded Verizon DVR boxes, a TiVo DVR or another brand’s DVR. This is possible with the use of CableCARD decoders.


1. Contact Verizon and request a multistream CableCard decoder for each TiVo unit. If FiOS service has previously been installed in the home, an installation fee might be assessed. Be sure to specify that either one multistream card or two single-stream cards are needed for each TiVo box. Multistream boxes are preferred as they are less expensive monthly than two single-stream cards.

2. Prior to installing the CableCard decoder, connect the TiVo to a television and perform the on-screen setup. It is important to do this a few days prior to the CableCard installation, if possible, to ensure that all applicable TiVo software updates have been applied.

3. Note: The following steps should be performed by a certified Verizon technician.

Attach the coaxial cable source to the back of the TiVo and power the unit on if it is turned off.

4. Open the CableCard door on the front of the TiVo unit and install either the single M-Card or ONE S-Card.

5. At this time the “CableCard Decoders” screen will appear. Simply select the applicable menu item to view the CableCard information. If necessary, call the Verizon office to activate the CableCard, providing the applicable data from the television screen.

6. Select “Configure CableCARD 1” from the menu andd select “Test Channels.” Be sure to verify that any premium channels–HBO, for example–are functioning properly.

7. If two S-Cards were used, repeat Steps 4 through 6.