Using Slick 50 In Harley Davidson Twin Cam Engines

One of the cheapest and easiest things that a motorcycle owner can do to maintain the integrity of the motorcycle’s engine, fuel system and transmission is to use high quality additives on a regular basis. And when it comes to the powerful twin cam engine of a Harley Davidson, few products are more heralded than Slick 50 Engine Treatment. Make this additive a part of your regular engine maintenance.


1. Take your motorcycle to a certified mechanic, preferably a mechanic certified by Harley Davidson itself, to get an oil change. It is strongly recommended that you use Slick 50 immediately after an oil change, so if your engine is scheduled for one within a month, wait until afterward to use the treatment.

2. Open the engine cover and loosen the oil cap on the engine. Pour the entire contents of the Slick 50 Engine Treatment directly into the engine, then replace the cap and screw it on a tightly as possible. This treatment helps reduce engine heat, friction and corrosion.

3. Add an entire bottle of Slick 50 Fuel System Cleaner to the gas tank immediately before filling it, preferably with high octane unleaded fuel. This treatment helps engines avoid knocking and can clean fuel injector nozzles and reduce overall emissions.

4. Stick to the oil change maintenance schedule for your motorcycle, and add a new full bottle of engine treatment after every oil change. Add a new full bottle of fuel system cleaner just before the first fuel fill-up after each oil change.