Vintage Golf Cart Information

Vintage golf carts are a far cry from ones rolling on municipal golf courses today.

With many adorned with doors and wooden side panels, vintage golf carts are a stark contrast from their original purpose–hauling golfers and their bags over the links. But interest in these throw-backs is growing thanks to the Internet and renewed interest from nostalgic golfers.

Vintage Defined

Vintage carts are identified by age, bright colors and styling–the latter marked by doors, fenders and side panels. Modification kits are available which allow carts to mimic classic cars or pickup trucks from a bygone era.

Golf Cart Beginnings

Golf “scooters” were reportedly introduced in the 1930s. Makers such as Cushman, E-Z-Go, Yamaha and even Harley-Davidson brought golf carts on the market in the years to follow. Early carts were battery-powered, then gravitated to gas-powered during the 1970s and 1980s.

Expensive Proposition

Achieving the means to restore or even build a vintage cart has become a cottage industry. With aid from the Internet and classified websites similar to Craigslist, some sites are dedicated exclusively to helping collectors find parts, owner’s manuals, as well as ready-to-roll vintage carts–at a hefty price, for this hobby is not one for the faint of funding, and parts can be difficult to locate.