Wallpaper Tricks

By following some tricks to wallpaper hanging, you can ensure clean line and good adhesion.

If you’ve ever seen poorly hung wallpaper you’ve probably noticed gaps between strips, uneven lines or peeling. Expert wallpaper hangers have several tips that, if executed correctly, can make your wallpaper look more professionally done. These secrets include creating a plumb line, cutting the paper with a razor and booking the wallpaper before hanging it. Does this Spark an idea?

Plumb Line

Drawing a perfect plumb line will help you hang all of the wallpaper in straight and clean lines. A plumb line is a vertical line to indicate where you will place the paper. Use a level to create a perfectly straight line. Draw the line 1/16 of an inch from where you actually intend to hang the paper. This will prevent the line from showing through between the seams of paper. Never use chalk to draw a plumb line as it could seep through the paper and be visible after pasting the wallpaper. Plumb lines can also help you limit waste. By drawing all of your plumb lines you may prevent yourself from having to hang a narrow strip at the end of your room.

Cutting Paper

Never cut wallpaper with scissors. Scissors make it difficult to cut a perfectly straight line. If you cut with scissors you may end up with a jagged line on the wallpaper or an uneven line. Instead, lay the wallpaper on a table and use a level to draw a straight line on it. Hold a ruler against the straight line and draw a blade over the wallpaper in one stroke. This will create a level and crisp edge. Use a sharp blade to prevent tearing the paper. Always leave a few extra inches on the wallpaper in case your measurements were wrong.


Booking wallpaper helps the wallpaper relax before placing it on the walls. Book the paper after you have added paste for regular wallpaper or the water for pre-pasted wallpaper. Book the paper by folding the top of the pasted side of the paper to the middle and the bottom of the pasted side of the to the middle. Make sure that the pasted sides are only touching the pasted sides. Do not crease any folds. This allows time for the adhesive to activate and helps relax the texture of the paper. Booking makes it easier to hang wallpaper and prevent eventual peeling.