Add wallpaper to your desktop to customize it.

Wallpaper is used on computers to customize the user’s desktop. Most computers come installed with certain wallpapers, also known as desktop wallpapers. If a user doesn’t like the selection already installed on their computer or wants to use an image found online as his wallpaper, it is possible to add custom wallpaper to a computer.


Saving Picture As

1. Find the picture on the Internet you want to add to your computer as wallpaper.

2. Right-click on the picture and click on “Save Picture As.”

3. Navigate to the folder where you want to save the wallpaper, input a file name for it and click “Save.” Apply the wallpaper by right-clicking on it and selecting “Set as Desktop Background.”


4. Navigate to a website that offers wallpaper downloads, such as American Greetings, HD Wallpapers and InterfaceLIFT.

5. Browse through the available wallpapers until you find the one you want.

6. Click on the download link or button to download the wallpaper to your computer. Click “Start,” “My Computer,” “Control Panel” and then “Display.” Click on the “Desktop” tab and then select the name of your downloaded wallpaper from the list to set your wallpaper.