Watch Hd Dvds On A Computer

Your HD DVD drive will be installed inside your PC.

Although HD DVD lost the format wars to become the dominant disc-based medium to succeed DVDs, you can watch classics such as “The Hulk,” “King Kong” and “Tremors” with relative ease on your PC. Pick out your favorite from the limited selection, grab some candy and get your comfy desk chair to watch cinema-grade quality movies using your computer. It’s a simple, if expensive, process to get your computer ready for HD DVD viewing.


1. Press the open button to extend your PC’s HD DVD tray.

2. Insert the HD DVD and press the button to retract the tray into your computer. Do not push the tray into the drive with force.

3. If the HD DVD’s main menu doesn’t appear after a few seconds of inserting the disc, buy, download and open either the Nero 8 or Corel WinDVD programs for HD DVD playback. These programs are optimized for high-definition playback of HD movies.

4. Navigate the on-screen menus to set your preferences and press “Play” to start the movie.