Watch Nba Games Online For Free

Watch NBA Games Online For Free

Many different NBA games can be found on cable TV throughout the week. However, what can you do if your favorite NBA team isn’t on? Going to the bar to watch every game can be expensive. Here is a way that you can watch NBA games online for free.


1. Start by downloading and installing TV Ants, Sopcast and the TVU Player (see Resources below). All three of these programs are needed in order to watch NBA games online for free.

2. Log onto the My P2P Forum (see Resources below) once you have downloaded and installed the three programs listed in step 1.

3. Click the “NBA + Basketball” link found in the My P2P Forum.

4. Search for and click the “Basketball Today” link at the top of the next page. This page will contain links that will allow you to watch NBA games online for free.

5. Find the NBA game you want to watch online on the next Web page. Next to that game will be a link for a stream for that particular NBA game.

6. Click on the link for the NBA game you want to watch. Once you do, the stream will automatically begin playing in one of the media players you downloaded or in your Web browser.