Watch Satellite Channels On The Internet

You can easily watch satellite channels on the Internet.

The Internet has brought about so many possibilities. Nowadays, you can shop, study and make cheap long-distance phone calls online. In addition to that, you can now watch satellite TV over the Internet. If you missed an episode of your favorite program on TV, you can watch it on the Internet. There has been some debate on whether this is legal, but the good thing is that you can watch programs from the TV station’s website so you don’t have to worry about committing a crime. Here are some simple steps to let you watch satellite TV on the Internet.


1. Get a computer. You will need a good computer with fast speeds and a good size of RAM. You can buy a computer online from stores such as Amazon or newegg or even from PC manufacturers’ sites such as Dell. Make sure you compare prices form three different sites before buying the computer. If you are buying online, ensure that there is a 30-day return policy where you can return the PC if it did not meet your specifications. You can also go to a computer store in your area to buy a PC. A good computer for home use would have a RAM size of 2 gigabytes, hard disk size of about 320 gigabytes and a processor speed of around 2.9GHZ. The prices vary from about $500 to $900.

2. Get an Internet connection. You can get a dial-up connection or broadband. Broadband is better than dial-up. An Internet Service Provider will provide the connection to the Internet. There are many ISPs in the world today, such as AT&T, Verizon and Cox, among others. The monthly charges you pay will depend on the Internet speed that you choose. For example, at AT&T, a speed of 768kbps costs $19.95 per month while a speed of 6.0Mbps will cost $24.95 per month (as of October 2010). Verizon charges range from $19.99 per month for 1.0Mbps to $29.99 for 3.0Mbps. Ensure you get Internet speeds of 3.0Mbps or better so you can watch TV without any interruptions.

3. Tune into a free television broadcast. There are a number of sites that let you watch some programs for free. You can watch some programs from the BBC news website, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, ESPN and other channels from all over the world. Visit the official website of the TV station that you like and look for a link to view live or previous broadcasts. Other sites include CBS, ABC, MTV, FOX and CNN. If you don’t find what you are looking for in the TV station website, you can check out other websites such as Juust, Hulu, Veoh and