Ways To Customize Harley Davidson Touring Bikes

Customize your Harley-Davidson touring bike.

Harley-Davidson is the classic American motorcycle that demands attention with a characteristic roar and eats up miles on the freeway with its powerful V-twin engine. Ways to customize Harley-Davidson touring bikes are not all as radical as the 1951 Harley that Peter Fonda rode in the hit movie “Easy Rider.”

Custom Exhaust Pipes

Custom exhaust pipes, also referred to as power pipes, are a popular modification for Harleys. After-sales modification of the exhaust pipes increases the available power, but does not inevitably result in a louder machine, since many custom pipes can be fitted with optional silencers. The Hacker “Mayhem” system range for Harley-Davidson touring bikes feature a collected header system offering big torque gains throughout the powerband. These pipes are available for newer models such as the Road King, Ultra-Classic and Street-Glide, as well as older ones such as the Road King models from 1986. The pipes come in a chrome or black ceramic finish and carry a lifetime warranty, subject to correct installation, which should be done by an experienced home mechanic or at a professional dealership.

Custom Seats

Custom seats add an individual touch to your Harley. They are available as pre-made units or one-off custom designs. Extra wide, narrower or deeper seats and backrests that suit your riding style and body shape offer more comfort over long hauls, especially for riders experiencing back problems. Seat styles include variations of singles (with or without backrests) and cruisers (one-piece seating for the rider and passenger). Some custom seat shops offer cushioned “Hitchhiker” models, as well as slimmer solo and dual seats, made from fiberglass bases covered with a choice of decorative stitches and fabrics like leathers or all-weather Naugahyde. Seats are filled with high-density foam and fastened with steel rivets.

Custom Paint

Custom paint work on your tank alone, or matching the frame can be as simple as an unusual shade or color, or as complex as individually designed artwork. Most custom design shops offer a complete painting service from one-off designs to airbrushing and pin striping for the whole bike, including tanks, fairings and head lamps.

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