Wear A Harley Speed Sock

Like a bandana, a speed sock is a piece of fabric that covers your head. However, a speed sock doesn’t require complicated knots to tie it to your head. Speed socks often feature logos, such as Harley-Davidson, and are commonly worn by bikers. Once adorned, a speed sock will not only look stylish, but protect your head from the sun as well. When purchased, a speed sock is not tied; you tie it once it is on your head. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Place the unfolded, untied speed sock on your head so the tail portion falls down the back of your neck.

2. Lift the tail portion above your head with one hand. Open the gap in the back of the speed sock with your other hand.

3. Insert the tail portion into the gap in the speed sock. Pull the tail portion down toward your back to tighten the speed sock to comfortably fit your head. Alternatively, you can pull the tail portion back through the gap a second time and tie it off.