Wear Pantyhose With Strappy Sandals

One cardinal rule that is touted by fashionistas is that women should never wear pantyhose with open-toed shoes, including strappy sandals. However, not everyone wants to or is able to subscribe to that particular fashion rule. This is especially true if you need the support of pantyhose and would like to wear a skirt and strappy sandals during the summer. If you plan on wearing strappy sandals, you can still wear pantyhose with them by implementing a few strategies. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Purchase pantyhose that are an exact match for your skin color. The closer they are to your skin tone, the less likely it will be that people will notice them. Make sure that the pantyhose are as sheer as possible.

2. Wear pantyhose that have sheer toes. Do not wear pantyhose with strappy sandals if they have a reinforced, darker toe. It will be obvious that you are wearing pantyhose.

3. Try wearing toe-less pantyhose. Make sure that they are an almost exact match to your own skin or else your toes will be an obviously different color than the pantyhose. Toe-less pantyhose have binding between the base of the big toe and the other toes, like a thong, to keep them in place. Toe-less pantyhose can be found in many stores and also can be purchased online.

4. Cut the feet off of your pantyhose. This works when you are wearing strappy sandals with pants, rather than with skirts or a dress. Using sharp scissors, cut off the feet just above the hem of your pants. While they may ride up a bit during the day, they will provide the control that you may desire, while not being visible to others.