What Are Highway Bars

Many motorcycles on the road have highway bars attached.

Highway bars are designed to provide added protection for your lower extremities and for the motorcycle’s engine block during a stopped fall or slow skid. These bars can be stock-equipped or added as an aftermarket option to your bike. They can be easily installed within an hour. Since these are bike-specific, you will want to choose a set that fits your motorcycle.

Other Names

Highway bars are also interchangeably referred to as crash bars, engine guards, roll bars and safety bars.


Highways bars are attached to the motorcycle frame and extend outward on the sides of the bike. The highway bars act as a brace if the motorcycle falls at a stop or skids at a slower speed. In theory, it will be less of an impact on the rider’s legs and engine when the highway bars are implemented. When a crash or fall occurs at a higher speed, however, the protection will not be as significant.


You can find different sizes of highway bars to fit your make and model of motorcycle. These bars are usually made of steel because of the strength of the metal. Often it will be chrome-plated steel for aesthetics.


Each highway bar installation varies, but there are basic instructions. Read your instructions completely before installing. First you connect the mounting brackets that came with the kit, if there are any. If there are, you connect these to the frame of your bike with the bolts provided, between the down tubes in the front. You will most likely have to remove the engine mounting bolts on both sides, position the highway bars in place and use extended mounting bolts to secure them in place. If there are no mounting brackets, you will connect it directly to the frame with the bolts provided in your kit. Make any other adjustments needed or recommended in your product’s instructions.