What Are Stage 2 Cars

Stage 2 cars can be used for racing.

A stage 2 car is what car enthusiasts call a car that has been track day tuned. Most of the modified cars you see on the road are stage 2 cars. The owner has most likely added turbo, changed the fuel injection and the wheels of the car.

Stage 1 Cars

To discuss what a stage 2 car is we must first discover what a stage 1 car is. Stage 1 modified cars have simple modifications that will usually go unnoticed. The modifications will not affect any other parts of the car and can be placed on individually without having to change any other car parts. It will most likely not have any added power, but will probably get better gas mileage and be more reliable than other cars. An aftermarket air filter or aftermarket brake pads are examples of stage 1 upgrades.

Stage 2 Cars

Stage 2 cars have more flashy modifications that will be noticed. These mods will add plenty of power and performance to the car. Stage 2 cars are often used for street racing and are shown off at car shows. The mods cannot be added individually and will require other parts of the car to be upgraded or modified. Owners of stage 2 cars must service them much more often than stage 1 or normal cars. Turbo, fuel injection changes and sports exhaust are some examples of stage 2 modifications.

Complete Stage 2 Car Example

A complete stage 2 car can reach up to 400 horsepower and go over 120 mph under 12 seconds. The modifications for a typical stage 2 car include an intercooler pipe upgrade that involves upgrading the throttle body elbow. Turbo is always added to a stage 2 car and the fuel injectors should be upgraded with larger ones. An adjustable fuel pressure regulator helps control the upgrades and a front mount intercooler cools down the high-performing vehicle. Also, a vein pressure converter should be added to accommodate all of the upgrades.

Stage 3 Cars

Stage 3 cars are almost never seen on the road and are exclusively used for racing. Stage 3 cars are modified with only one thing in mind: speed. Stage 3 cars are unreliable and would not be practical for daily use or normal traffic. An ultra-light flywheel, high-performance brake pads and special shifters are some examples of stage 3 modifications.