What Are The Top Selling Items On Ebay

Digital cameras rank high among the items eBay shoppers search for.

If you’re thinking of starting a business on eBay, you may be wondering what the website’s top-selling items are. One way to see what potential buyers are searching for is by using eBay Pulse, which generates lists of the most-popular searches performed on eBay. This tool can help you find out where buyers’ product interests lie in a variety of categories.

Clothing, Shoes and Accessories

Coach, Abercrombie Fitch and Burberry ranked among the leading search terms in the clothing, shoes and accessories category on eBay in May 2011. Nike, Guess, Juicy Couture and Prada also made the list, with Adidas, Hollister and Lacoste rounding out the top 10.

Sporting Goods and Entertainment Memorabillia

Golf clubs, golf and mountain bike ranked among the words most searched for in the sporting goods category. Bicycle, road bike, fishing and kayak also ranked high, followed by compound bow, fishing reels and baseball bats.

Those searching for entertainment memorabilia wanted to find Kiss, Beatles, Jimmy Buffet, Justin Bieber and Elvis items. Their other top search terms included shoes, Michael Jackson, Prince, “Justin Bieber hair” and Marilyn Monroe.

Cameras & Photo

The words “digital camera” led the search list in the cameras and photo category on eBay, followed by Canon, Nikon, “Canon digital camera” and camera. Words finishing out the top 10 included Leica, Sony, “Sony digital camera,” “Nikon digital camera” and Pentax.

Pet Supplies and Collectibles

Dog, aquarium, Frontline and bird cage headed the list of search terms in the pet supplies category in May 2011. Up next came fish tank, “Frontline Plus for dogs,” dog bed and dog clothes. The terms dog collar and fish rounded out this group.

Shoppers in eBay’s collectibles marketplace looked for baseball cards, vintage, Harley Davidson and Coca-Cola. Up next came Swarovski, Star Wars, Pokemon cards and knives. Disney and Avon finished out this grouping.

Cell Phones and PDAs

The electronically minded shoppers searched for iPhone 4, Blackberry, iPhone and Nokia in the cell phones and PDAs category. They also investigated Samsung, Blackberry Torch, HTC and Blackberry Curve. HTC and Evo concluded the top-10 search terms in this group.

Musical Instruments, Pottery and Glass

Key words in the musical instruments category included guitar, Gibson, Carvin and Marshall. “Gibson Les Paul” also ranked high, as did banjo, fender, violin, acoustic guitar and bass.

Search terms leading the way in the pottery and glass category included Red Wing, McCoy, Roseville and carnival glass. Fire King, Fenton, Weller and milk glass followed closely behind, with Nippon and Roseville pottery finishing out the group.