What Do Hiphop Dancers Wear

What Do Hip-Hop Dancers Wear?

Hip hop has been around since the 1970s and 1980s, but the styles and music have changed a lot in a very short time. When you’re just starting out in the genre as a hobby or with hopes to one day become a professional, it’s good to get the right gear for dancing hip-hop styles. There are some general rules-of-thumb and some insider’s tips for getting the best clothing to begin hip-hop dancing. Does this Spark an idea?


The tops worn for hip-hop dancing vary for girls and boys. Girls’ tops are tanks or mini-Ts that are form-fitting, while the guys wear loose T-shirts with logos. The logos can be either mainstream, like Adidas or Nike, or from local hip-hop or skate shops. In cooler weather, sweat jackets or hoodies should match the outfit (see Resources).


Baggy bottoms, but not too baggy is the accepted norm. Choose dancing sweats or bottoms to a jogging suit to be the most flexible and comfortable, though loose jeans can be worn if needed. Again, either specialized lines or famous sport brand-names are typical (see Resources).


The shoes are probably the most important part of your hip-hop dance clothing, because if they stick or squeak, they can ruin the rhythm of the dance. When you get a new pair of sneakers, break them in for a week or two before using them for dance. The more worn in, the better and smoother they grip and slide.

Bling and Extras

Bling, the over-sized jewelry that’s popular with the hip-hop style isn’t recommended for dancing. You can add other bling-like touches, with sparkle-printed T-shirts, wrist and head bands or even shiny barrettes.

Fun Fact

The World Championships of Street Dancing is held in Bremen, Germany every year.