What Is A Harley Davidson Deuce

The Deuce arrived as a stylish addition to Harley-Davidson’s Softail line of factory motorcycles. As a factory motorcycle with a custom look, the Deuce successfully brings together fashion and function in one bike.


In 1984, Harley-Davidson introduced its trademark Softail design, which features rear shock absorbers that are hidden from view by the design of the bike and make for a smoother ride. In 2000, Harley-Davidson unveiled the Softail Deuce, setting a new standard in the design of factory motorcycles.

Critical Reception

Immediately upon its unveiling, the Harley-Davidson Softail Deuce was well-received by riders and the motorcycle media. The April 2000 issue of “Motorcycle Cruiser” magazine called the Deuce “the best-looking full production motorcycle gracing any showroom.” Riders showed their agreement by riding the cruiser off showroom floors and onto the open road.


Despite its sleek design and warm reception, the Harley-Davidson Softail Deuce was discontinued in 2005. Harley-Davidson, however, continues to produce high-end Softail motorcycles.