What Is A Lenovo Hd Led Glare Display

A laptop display can put significant strain on your eyes. The glare of reflected light on a laptop screen reduces the quality of the image by altering the contrast, brightness, sharpness and color. Manufacturers are addressing this problem by developing new technologies to minimize eye strain. Lenovo manufactures laptop displays that utilize high-definition light emitting diode technology to reduce glare.

Anti-glare Technology

Lenovo uses a matte finish on its displays. This matte finish contains a rough surface that helps disperse light rather than allowing it to reflect as it would on a smooth surface. In addition, this technology uses a special chemical coating to further reduce glare.

Anti-glare Vs. Smooth Screen

Anti-glare screens allow laptop users to view a laptop’s display under a variety of conditions. The quality of the image produced by an anti-glare screen tends to have reduced crispness compared to a display with a smooth surface. Smooth surface displays, therefore, will benefit users that frequently use laptops for graphics and image-intensive applications.


The appropriate anti-glare technology for your work environment will depend on the type of natural and man-made light in your primary work area. Before purchasing a laptop, examine your primary workspace and determine if the area receives direct morning or afternoon sun. Smooth displays without anti-glare technology generally work better in home or office environments with man-made lighting that you can control. If you primarily work outdoors or in areas that receive extensive natural sunlight, an anti-glare display with a matte finish will be easier to view. Lenovo’s HD LED display uses LED technology to further reduce the glare on the laptop’s display.

Benefits of LED

LED displays offer improved color gamut when using backlighting. The color gamut is the number of colors represented in a given space or display. For this reason, LED displays produce images with a higher dynamic contrast. Another benefit of LED technology is that the user can dim the display’s lighting to extremely low settings. When working in a bright environment, this option allows you to view the display with reduced glare.