What Is A Power Commander Motorcycle

A Power Commander motorcycle is retrofit with a Power Commander III USB or Power Commander V, devices that allow the user to change the air/fuel ratio (AFR) at every throttle position.


Installing a Power Commander can improve both mileage and performance. The user has the ability to optimize AFR to achieve maximum miles per gallon or to increase horsepower and general performance. On some models, the fuel injection timing can be adjusted as well.


Power Commanders can be installed in under 15 minutes by the owner by simply connecting the unit to the fuel injection port. A computer or USB-accepting screen is needed to display the fuel injection information, but changes can be made to the motorcycle’s electronic control unit (ECU) without a computer. A 9-volt battery is required for power.


Every stock motorcycle has an AFR set for factory defaults, usually at a high miles-per-gallon setting. Maps are specific programs that tune a motorcycle for its optimum performance.


Power Commander 3 USB and V, made by Dynojet Research, both cost from $300 to $500, depending on the make and model of the motorcycle. The average price is $360.