What Is A Visa Signature Credit Card

What Is a Visa Signature Credit Card?

The Visa Signature card is an exclusive credit card that offers reward points for purchases. Reward points can be used toward travel, upgrades and preferred access to sports events, concerts and films.


The Visa Signature card was introduced as a “step-up” from the platinum card. This credit card is only offered to affluent customers with excellent credit records.


Visa Signature card holders earn reward points when they make purchases. Points can be used toward upgrades for travel, hotels, resorts, spas and for discounts from retailers and travel agents.


The Visa Signature card has no pre-set spending limit, no annual fee and no limitations on what airlines can be used and when.


To qualify for the Visa Signature card, you must have a clean credit history for the past two years, you must be currently paying a loan or mortgage greater than $10,000, and you may have not defaulted on a loan or declared bankruptcy in the past seven years.


This exclusive credit card offers a 24-hour concierge service to help with things like travel arrangements and shopping, a dining service which makes customized recommendations and gets cardholders into the best restaurants. Cardholders also get VIP access to major sporting events, arena concerts, theaters and films.