What Is Logitech Vid

Logitech Vid works with a variety of webcams including clip-on models.

Logitech Vid, also known as Logitech Vid HD, is a video conferencing application for Windows systems that lets you communicate with others using your webcam and an Internet connection. You can also use the program with a microphone or headset alone if you don’t want to communicate with someone visually. Logitech Vid is even capable of sending high-definition videos using your HD webcam.


Logitech Vid is free and works with other standard- and high-definition webcam models including standalone and models built into laptop and desktop monitors. But the application is not compatible with similar video conferencing services including Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, Windows Live Messenger or Skype. You cannot share contacts stored in Logitech Vid with these other services. However, you can have these other video conferencing services on your computer and still use Logitech Vid.

Internet and Display Requirements

The application requires a high-speed Internet connection with at least 1 megabytes per second upload/download speed, for high-definition 720p video calls, or 256 kilobytes per second upload/download speed for standard-definition video calls. Your computer needs a monitor with a resolution of 1280 pixels by 720 pixels or higher.

System Requirements

Your Windows 7, Vista or XP system’s webcam needs a built-in microphone or you need an external microphone or headset to make voice calls via Logitech Vid. Your system needs a 2.4-gigahertz Intel Core2 dual processor with 2 gigabytes of RAM, if making high-definition calls, or a 1-GHz processor with 512 megabytes of RAM for standard-definition video calls. If using a Mac, your system needs to be running Leopard 10.5.0 or higher and Safari 3.0 or newer. Your system needs a 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 dual processor with 2 gigabytes of RAM or faster processor, for high-definition calls, or 1GHz Intel-based processor with 512 megabytes of RAM for standard-definition video calls. Logitech Vid is not compatible with other operating systems, including Linux.


Navigate your computer’s Internet browser to the “Logitech Vid” link to download the video conferencing application. Follow the on-screen prompts to save and install the application. Logitech Vid will automatically detect your webcam and microphone and guide you through adding contacts to the application. The application also includes a “Help” component and a settings utility to fine-tune your webcam, if needed.