What Is The Difference Between Dvdrip & Dvdscr

DVDrip software is illegal.

DVDrip and DVDscr are terms used in both the movie making industry and the illegal copying, downloading and distributing of copyrighted materials markets.

DVDrip vs. DVDscr

DVDrip is short for DVD ripping, and is the act of copying a DVD. DVDscr is short for DVD screener, and is an official copy of a movie sent out by studios to various outlets for promotional purposes, to censors for the establishment of movie ratings, and to critics for review before the DVD’s official release date.

In downloading, the terms DVDrip and DVDscr are used as quality designations. If a downloaded copy of a movie is tagged either DVDrip or DVDscr, quality and resolution are high.

Is DVDrip Illegal?

DVDs are encoded with a technology that prevents the user from copying the movie. However, DVDrip software is available on the Internet that overrides that encoding. According to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act it is against the law for a company to provide software that circumvents technological measures designed to protect those copyrights. Additionally, U.S. anti-piracy laws make the reproduction or distribution of copyrighted materials without the consent of the copyright owner illegal.

Is DVDscr Illegal?

An actual DVDscr is not illegal because it is sent out to designated individuals by the copyright owner. However, the term is often used in the piracy world with regards to bootlegging. A bootlegger, or person who obtains an illegal copy of a DVD, will illegally obtain a DVDscr, copy it and sell it. This is illegal.