Where Rent A Plumbing Snake

There are few things that can ruin a day faster than a clogged drain, especially in a bathroom. Whether it’s caused by a build up of hair, grease or an errant toy, drains sometimes require more than a simple plunger to unclog.

Most plumbing experts advise against using chemicals to unclog drains–and if the clog is big or solid enough, it wouldn’t work anyway. A plumbing snake is easy to rent. Even a novice can use the tool. Does this Spark an idea?

Which Type of Snake?

Before you call a tool rental place, figure out which type of drain snake you’ll need. A cable auger, or plumber’s snake, with a hand crank is great for most typical drain clogs. Homeowners might want to purchase one of these; at $25 or under, they’re inexpensive and handy to have around.

For toilets, rent a closet auger. It’s angled to fit through toilet traps and also comes with a hand crank. Expect to pay $40 or under to purchase one, or less to rent.

Major clogs, like tree roots or clogs far away from the access point, call for an electric power auger. These tools require more skill. Before you leave the rental place, learn get the snake back to the machine. Electric power augers cost about $30 to rent.

Home Improvement Centers

These days, just about everybody has a big home improvement center near them, such as Home Depot. Most of Home Depot’s stores include a tool rental center.

Use the Home Depot website to input your zip code and find the nearest tool rental center. They don’t list prices on line, so call to ask how much a snake rental costs and reserve the item. Home Depot has rates for half days or full days or more.

Some regions have home improvement retail chains, such as Ace Hardware, Dixieline and others that also have tool rental centers in their stores. These are worth a look if there’s one close by.

Local Tool Centers

If there’s no home improvement center nearby, look for a local tool rental place. The easiest way to find one is to use an Internet search engine. Type “rent plumbing snake” and then your city or zip code. A list of possibilities will appear.

Look through several listings to find the best price and deal. Some places will rent by the half days, while others only do full day but charge more. Local tool rental centers often post their prices online.

While a few tool places have online reservation options, most require a phone call and a credit card number to reserve the item.

Prices vary by region. For example, rental prices in Honolulu are about double what you would pay in Maryland.