Where To Find Cheap Motorcycles

Where to Find Cheap Motorcycles

Are you one of many people who are sick and tired of watching your paycheck disappear in a puff of gasoline vapor? Do you often stand forlornly at the pump, watching the numbers spin skyward and wish that there was some way to save some of your hard earned cash? If so, this is the article for you. This guide outlines the basics of where you can find an inexpensive motorcycle that will save you money while at the same time adding an element of fun.


1. Decide which type of motorcycle fits you best. Are you looking to have a comfortable ride? Then a cruiser may be right for you. Planning on going cross-country? You need a tourer. Looking to get lost on dirt back roads? A dual sport is an excellent option. There is a style of motorcycle for nearly every type of rider. Please see the reference section at the bottom of the article for a site comparing various types of cycles. Don’t forget to incorporate other variables that are important to you into your decision making process. Things such as fuel economy, price range and the ability to comfortably carry a partner or luggage will all influence your decision.

2. Decide what your price point is. Once you have determined what would constitute your perfect cheap motorcycle bargain, stick with it. Motorcycles, especially used ones, can give you an incredible bang-per-buck ratio. If you persevere and have patience, chances are good that you will find a bike that you enjoy in your price range.

3. Do your research. The best place to start is in your local classifieds. Motorcycles in the local papers are often cheaper than the same type of bike online. Be sure to find out when each of your local classifieds are printed, and pick up a copy on the first day it is available. This ensures that you will have the best possible selection of good deals.

4. Turn your attention to online sources if you can’t find what you’re looking for locally. Although a bit harder to find, online sites can yield great deals to the vigilant consumer.

5. Be patient. Be willing to wait and you will likely be rewarded with a cheap motorcycle that you love. Rush into a purchase, and you could end up with a lemon.