Wholesale Scottish Gifts

Although nothing beats the scenery, a gift from Scotland can be charming as well

An old Scottish proverb says that “a penny saved is a penny gained” which is exactly what you will do when you buy Scottish gifts wholesale. Whatever your reason for buying in bulk–a Scottish-themed gift shop, a family reunion, or a simple love for everything Scottish–the selection is nearly endless when you search online.


When you think Scotland, one of the first things that comes to mind is their famous whiskey. If you cannot choose which type of Scottish whiskey to purchase opt for Famous Grouse, the brand that brings the most visitors to its distillery each year. They have three best-sellers that can sometimes be difficult to find overseas: “Famous Grouse,” an ideal starter for beginning whiskey drinkers; the oaky “12-year,” and the celebrated “18-year,” which is considered to be one of the finest single malt whiskies distilled in Scotland. You will soon have everyone around you clinking glasses and proclaiming cheers!


Kilts, those bold tartan displays of manhood, have been the traditional dress of Scotsmen for centuries. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to be a full-blooded Scot to don one; choose from your family’s clan or opt for a pattern that catches your eye, there are dozens of varieties available. Once you pick your kilt, there are a host of accessories to complete the outfit, like kilt pins, plaid brooches, sporrans, and ghillie brogues.

Clan Gifts

The Buchanans, MacDowells, Drummonds, and Gladstaines are just four of dozens of clan names that represent complete family lines that have been linked for thousands of years. Choosing a gift can be as simple as starting with the clan name and finding the items that either display their personalized tartan or bear their namesake: coasters, magnets, tea towels, and books are some of the options in this category.