Why Put Bells On A Motorcycle

The bell comes from an old legend and protects riders.

The small bells that hang low to the ground off of some motorcycles aren’t for mere decoration. Legend has it these bells are almost supernatural, creating a protective barrier for both rider and bike.


The bell comes from an old legend regarding road gremlins or evil road spirits. According to the legend, these creatures can’t live in the presence of a bell, so it keeps them far away and prevents them from causing harm to you and your bike.

The Gremlins

The road gremlins, or evil road spirits, are said to be responsible for any number of problems that happen to/on your bike. This includes small items in the road and mechanical problems, even problems caused by other drivers.

The Power

It is said through the many variations of the legend that your bell will work if you buy it yourself. If you receive it as a gift, however, the power of the bell is doubled.