Win32 Trojan Alureon Removal

The Alureon computer virus can cause untold trouble.

Computer viruses come in countless varieties, some more troublesome than others. The Alureon virus is what’s known as a Trojan horse, a type of virus that sneaks its way onto your hard drive and unleashes untold havoc. Thankfully, there are ways to delete the unwanted intruder and restore your computer to optimum health.


Once on your hard drive, the Alureon Trojan horse virus downloads adware, spyware and other malicious files onto your computer without your knowledge. Alureon also creates corrupt files within the Windows win directory, particularly win32 files, causing serious problems with the computer’s overall performance. After infecting the system, Alureon will deposit harmful spher.dll files into temporary folders to remain active in the computer’s memory, serving to perpetuate the insidious cycle. Unless removed, Alureon can lead to complete system corruption and eventual failure.


Computers infected with the Alureon virus may demonstrate a number of symptoms. For instance, the system’s task manager may constantly run Alureon malware files accompanied by repeated beeps over the computer’s speakers. Other common side effects include hijacked desktop properties, repeated pop-up ads, redirected Web searches, sluggish performance and attempted program use resulting in a blue screen.


While potentially devastating to your computer, the Alureon virus may also transmit log in names, passwords and even online banking information to computer hackers. Unless removed, Alureon could lead to identity theft and other such serious complications well beyond mere computer performance.

Automated Removal

Several computer programs, such as Adware Away, Hitman Pro, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and StopZilla, can scan your computer and eliminate the Alureon virus. While some such programs offer free trials, many require you to purchase the program before eradicating the virus. Despite the cost, automated virus removal programs can be a quick and easy solution to the problem, especially if you possess limited computer knowledge.

Manual Removal

You may manually remove Alureon by deleting all files, folders, Windows registry keys and registry values associated with the virus. This can be a tricky operation, as accidentally deleting a non-infected file from the registry may harm your computer. It’s always wise to back up your registry before attempting any edits. And there are dozens and dozens of files, folders and registry values that have to be deleted to remove Alureon, so it may be best to leave manual removal to a professional computer technician.