Wire A Stock Harley Ignition To An Se Coil

Wire a Stock Harley Ignition to an SE Coil

Harley-Davidson ignition coils provide stepped-up voltage to the spark plugs. The ignition module reads engine RPM (revolutions per minute) and crankshaft position, then sends a precisely timed pulse of power to the primary side of the ignition coil. The secondary side of the coil steps up the power, then delivers the spark to the spark plugs via the spark plug wires. SE (Screaming Eagle) coils are a Harley-made aftermarket performance product that greatly improves the coil output and therefore makes a stronger spark at the plugs.


1. Remove the battery cover wingnut by hand. Remove the battery cover. Remove the battery negative cable with a 10-mm wrench.

2. Remove the stock spark-plug wires by hand. Remove the stock spark-plugs with a spark-plug wrench. Remove the primary-side wires from the stock coil with a wrench or nutdriver. Unbolt the stock coil from its mounting bracket with wrenches or ratchet/socket.

3. Bolt the SE coil onto the mounting bracket and tighten the bolts firmly with wrenches. Install the primary wire terminals onto the primary posts on the coil, and tighten firmly with small wrenches or a nutdriver.

4. Install the SE spark plugs and tighten firmly with the spark-plug wrench. Snap the SE plug wires onto the secondary sides of the SE coil and the spark plugs.

5. Reconnect the battery negative cable and tighten firmly with a 10-mm wrench. Reinstall the battery cover and tighten the wingnut by hand.