Wire Xm To A Motorcycle

You need a larger motorcycle with a front storage unit to mount your XM radio receiver.

Sirius XM is a satellite radio service designed to give you access to hundreds of different stations from around the country. The XM-based receivers may be used just about anywhere, including on a motorcycle — depending on your make and model. Although you are not going to be able to mount the receivers to any crotch rockets or Harley Davidsons, a larger motorcycle with a built-in front storage compartment will work just fine, as it protects the receiver from the wind and other elements.


1. Remove the sticker from the adhesive bottom on the XM mount and stick it inside the storage compartment at the front of the motorcycle. Once in place, dock the XM receiver onto the mount.

2. Plug the cigarette power adapter into the “Power” port on the side of the XM radio, then plug it into the cigarette adapter in the motorcycle. This is usually located directly in the compartment you are already using.

3. Insert the 3.5-mm cable into the “Line-Out” port on the XM receiver, then connect it into the “AUX” port on your motorcycle’s stereo system.

4. Power on the motorcycle and the XM radio. Change the radio to “Aux.” The audio from XM should now now play over the vehicle’s speaker system.