Yamaha Raider Performance Specs

The Raider is a motorcycle that is produced by the Japanese company, Yamaha. This motorcycle is fairly power and was designed mainly for comfort and smooth cruiser. This motorcycle has a double cradle frame and is consider to be full-sized. This motorcycle was first put into production in 2006 and is still being produced as of 2010.


The Yamaha Raider is capable of reaching maximum speeds around 125 miles an hour. The peak torque level of this motorcycle is reached when the engine is operating at 2,500 revolutions per minute. The maximum performance output of this motorcycle is reached when the engine is at 4,500 rpm.

General Engine Specs

The Yamaha Raider has a twin bore electronic fuel injection system and the cooling system uses air. This engine is 1,854 cc and features twin cylinders that have four valves each.

Other Information

The standard transmission of this motorcycle is a five-speed manual that has a multiple-plate wet clutch. This means drive members of the clutch are interlocked and the clutch itself sits in a cooling lubricating oil.