Yamaha Raider Performance

The Yamaha Raider has a classic “chopper” design with the front wheel well in front of the body and the seat set low within the frame. Despite its hard-to-maneuver layout and large size, the Raider retains sporty attributes.


If you are shy, this isn’t your bike; the Raider is impressive and imposing. With a wheelbase of 71 inches, large tires and a prominent headlight, this machine is big. The large engine makes a strong and raspy sound and announces its might with two giant, shiny exhaust pipes. The thin and sharp wheel spokes contrast with a thick and streamlined body for a dramatic visual impact.


The high-performance V-twin engine features two large cylinders that can achieve a displacement of 1,854 cc. The angle between the two cylinders is 48 degrees. Despite a classic overhead-valve design, each cylinder breathes through four valves. The bore is 3.9 inches while stroke is a long and impressive 4.6 inches, enabling the engine to produce strong low end torque.


The large engine produces 106 pound feet of torque at a mere 2,500 rpm, according to the Top Speed website. Maximum horsepower comes similarly early at 4,500 rpm. The top speed of the motorcycle is 125 miles per hour, which for a bike weighing 728 pounds is an impressive velocity.