Zune Hd Tech Specs

The Zune HD is a portable personal media player. On April 9, 2010, Microsoft released a 64 GB version that sports a touch screen, high-definition radio and Wi-Fi, among other features. By connecting the Zune HD to a high-definition television via a High-Definition Multimedia Interface Zune dock, you can play videos in 720 pixel resolution.

Colors and Sizes

The Zune HD product range offers 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB models. All three Zune HDs measure in at 2.07 inches wide, 4.01 inches high and 0.35 inches thick. Regardless of capacity, they each weigh 2.6 oz. The 16 GB Zune HD is onyx black, the 32 GB Zune HD is platinum silver and the flagship 64 GB Zune HD comes in platinum, black, blue, red, green, purple or magenta.


The Zune HD includes an 802.11b/g wireless connection with WEP, WPA and WPA2 authentication modes. It also includes a high-definition FM radio receiver, a connector port and a 3.5 mm headphone jack port. The connector port acts as an interface for an additional dock, sold separately. With the additional dock, you can use the optical digital audio out, and the HDMI or composite video out.

Audio Support

The Zune HD supports audio in WMA up to 384 kilobytes per second, as either constant bit rate or variable bit rate, with a 48 KHz sample rate. Up to 768 Kbps is possible with the dual-channel WMA Pro format. The Zune supports WMA Lossless, MP4, M4A, M4B and MP3 with the same bit-rate specifications.

Video Support

Video support on the Zune HD is comprehensive, covering WMV in both constant and variable bit rates, up to 10 megabytes per second peak bit rate, at 720 by 480 pixels and 30 frames per second. With advanced profiling up to the L2 standard, it supports 1280 by 720 p, again up to 30 fps, but with a 14 Mbps peak bit rate.

The Zune supports MPEG-4 formats with the same resolution specs as the simple profile WMV support, but to a peak bit rate of 4 Mbps. It supports H.264 video at the same spec as the other formats, or up to 14 Mbps, with a resolution of 1280 by 720 p up to 30 fps. The Zune HD also supports JPG pictures.